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 L2 Loyal Server Features

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PostSubject: L2 Loyal Server Features   Mon May 12, 2008 3:01 pm

L2 Loyal C4 PvP Server

Basic Features:

- 45x Experience
- C5 Skills (Read Below for More Info)
- Global Gks
- Town Npc Buffers
- 15 Minute Prophecies
- Custom Areas
- Spawn Peace Zones
- Custom Armors & Jewels& Weapons

- Sub / Noblesse / Olympiad(2 Weeks )
- Modified C3 Areas. ( Your favorite areas )
- Weekly sieges.

Other Features:

C5 Skills

- C5 skills are already ingame but you may only get them from your master on cost of SP(skillpoints).

S Grade Weapons

- They are sold at the shop for a High Price but you may drop them from mobs at Elven Fortress.

Custom Areas

- Giants Cave : Custom Party area mobs drop S.A S grade Weapons and Runes.
- Abandoned Coal Mines: Xp Areas and Mobs drop runes.
- Cave Of Trials : High level area and contains the mobs you need to complete your sub / nobless Quests .(Moonstone / Hellfire )
- Dragon Valley Caves (DVC) : Remodified exprience zone.


- For Sub Class you have to kill all bosses that the Quest requires, Blooded Fabric is being sold at the shop and you need to farm for your moonstone in either Blazing Swamp or Cave of Trials.

*Extra Added Features*

Ancient Adena Farming Zones
*Giants Cave (Party Zone)
*Abandoned Coal Mines
*Elven Fortress
Monsters in these areas drop Wind/Fire/Water Runes , take them to Dusk/Dawn Priestress to convert them into Ancient Adena.

Mantra Drops
Mantras are needed to upgrade S grade Armors and get tatoos Tattoos. The mantras droped and can be spoiled from mobs in Beehive.

Custom RaidBoss Zone
*Giants cave contains 3 Custom raidbosses which drops Titanium Sets Pieces.

Rebirth System (Being recreated for balance)
Once a player becomes level 78, he can choose to rebirth at the rebirth manager in Aden.
A player who becomes reborn starts at level 1 again.
Although a player becomes level 1 again, he will still keep his items, skills are lost. A reborn player cannot equip high level gears, because he lost his masteries (S,A,B,C,D)
As soon as you're lvl1 you will receive a book or rebith, with this you can learn 1 of the rebirth skills at your guild. Each player can get a maximum of 3 rebirths

Global GK

The global GK will teleport to all towns, leveling zones and custom area locations. Each spawn point will have a peace zone. So there wont be any more spawn PK.


Buffs will still be party only, this will prevent the horrible grief buffing abuse. If you remember there used to be tons of buffers that would just sit at a GK and greif buff anyone that came near, No one wants that again.

NPC Buffer

We have a NPC buffer ingame, which has all normal buffs, songs and dances just no 3rd Class buffs like COV, Prophs etc.

Weekly Sieges

We will have 2 Sieges per weekend , and the castle owner crowns gives extra hp to players.


2 Week olympiad , and the heroes are granted with not overpowered skill but extra skilled hero weapons.
More exiciting features on the way. Wink


Exp: 45x
SP: 1x
Adena: 200x
Spoil: 20x
Drop: 1x

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L2 Loyal Server Features
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