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 Sub Class Quest by Domitor

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PostSubject: Sub Class Quest by Domitor   Wed May 14, 2008 11:26 pm

After reaching lvl75, you will be able to add a subclass to your character. The task is divided into 3 Quests which will be covered in this thread:

1. Fate's Whisper
2. Mimir's Elixir
3. Supplier Of Reagents


1. Fate's Whisper

1. This quests starts by visiting Maestro Reorin which is located South East of Oren as shown from the map in the screenshot below. You should talk to him and answer as follows: "Why were you thrown out of the guild?" .. "I will restore your honor!" .. "I will rescue the soul of your wife!" .. "I will save the soul of your wife!" .. "Tell me more about the woman who came to see you?" .. "What did she say?" .. He will the ask you to free his wife Reira by killing the Shilen' s Messenger Cabrio.

2. Cabrio is located northeast of the Cemetery from which you can port from any city from the Loyal Portal. You will need a party with a good healer and a tank possibly according to your gears. As you kill Cabrio a box will spawn containing Reira's Soul Orb, you will be able to gain this quest item simply by talking to the box and choosing "Quest".

3. Take the soul orb back to Reorin. He will now ask to go in the Tower of insolence were you will have to kill Death Lord Hallate (Tower Of Insolence Floor 3), Kernon (TOI 8) and Longhorn Golkonda (TOI 11). After their killing they will each spawn a box to which you will have to talk to ( similar to the one of Cabrio), to obtain the three Infernium Sceptres.




4. Return to Maestro Reorin he will then ask you to go to Oren to look for Warehouse Freightman Cliff to get Infernium Varnish.

5. Return the Infernium Varnish to Maestro Reorin, he will now ask you to make a trip to go to Aden and talk to the Head Blacksmith Ferris to get his Hammer in order to make you an A grade weapon.

6. Return Maestro Reorinís Hammer to him. He will now ask you to get his Mold from Trader Zenkin in Oren.

7. Trader Zenkin tells us that he sold the mold to Master Kaspar at Hardins Private Academy. We will now therefore need to pay a visit to him. Master Kaspar says that, in order to give us the Mold, we will need to bring him the Baium's Blood by using a Pipette Knife he gives us himself. You will now need the Blooded Fabric to access the Baium's room, which you can but from any Misc GM Shop from Giran.

8. After gaining the Blooded Fabric from the Misc Shop in Giran and the Pipette Knife, You will have to pay a visit to the Baium. As someone will have to wake him up, you will have to equip the pipette knife, and hit the Baium with it, thus gaining the Red Pipette Knife, which you will have to return to Master Kaspar in exchange for the mold.

9. Before returning to Master Reorin for the reward make sure you bring with you a Top B Grade weapon (try the most expensive B grade weapon you can find from the list) , which you can buy from the Weapon Shop in Giran, along with 984 B Grade Crystals, which you can buy from the shops in Giran as well. Take everything to Maestro Reorin, follow the quest story, and when choosing the A grade weapon as reward, please make sure it is of the same type of the Top B Grade you bought previously.

After completing this quest you will be now able to start the next one.


2. Mimir's Elixir

1. Talk to Magister Ladd at 4th floor of Ivory Tower
Ladd tells you to bring him Pure Silver, which you can only obtain by taking part in another quest which is Supplier of Reageants.

2. Talk to Supplier Wesley at basment of Ivory Tower
He will give you the Supplier of Reageants quest which is needed to get the Pure Silver. Once you've got this quest, you can talk to the Cauldron located in the basement and see many things you can make by combining quest items.
The only formulas you need to know from this list are:
10 Moonstone shards + 1 Volcano Ash = 1 Moondust
10 Moondust + 1 Quick Silver = 1 Lunagent
1 Lunagent + 1 Quick Silver = 1 Pure Silver

3. Hunt Hames Orc Shaman from the special L2 Loyal Subclass Area Cave Of Trails Region and Collect:
100 Moonstone Shards
10 Volcano ashes
2 Quick Silver

You will earn a Reagent pouch from the Orc Shamans, which you will have to open by double left- clicking on it. the chances are you will get many Quick Silvers and other materials you will not need for this quest, but you can use to mix and form other materials from the urn in Ivory Tower basement.

4. Once you have collected all the items mentioned in the previous step, bring them to the cauldron in the Ivory Tower and combine them according to the formula to get Pure Silver. You can play a bit if you have a lesser amount of reagents and select a high temperature to get more than one material but the higher the temperature, the higher the risk of failure. Choose 1 degree to be safe and not risk failure. When choosing Pure Silver, on the other hand, you must choose 1 degree, as it is specified in the quest.

5. Bring the Pure Silver to Ladd on 4th floor of IT. He will now tell you he needs True Gold, for which you will need to go talk to Magister Joan on the 3rd Floor of the IT.

6. Magister Joan will ask you to go to Field of Silence to hunt Chimera Piece, which is located under the Giant's Cave, to get a Stone of Wisdom, this is not a hard mob to kill. When you get the Stone Of Wisdom go back to Magister Joan in IT, she will give you True Gold as your reward. ( Note: while heading for the field of Silence, try not to enter the Giants' Cave, since it is a party area due to high lvl mobs)

7. Talk to Ladd at 4th floor IT and give him the True Gold.

8. Hunt Bloody Guardians
Hunt bloody guardians in DVC for a Blood Fire. These drop to whoever gets last hit.

9. Back to IT and combine Pure Silver and True Gold together with the Blood Fire in the cauldron in IT basement to get Mimir's Elixir, use 3rd degree to combine as specified in the quest.

10. Bring Mimir's Elixir to Ladd and the elixir should disappear from the inventory and the quest will be completed.
You will get an A grade weapon enchant as a bonus.

Congratulations You can now subclass! Smile


Please Note the following::

- Please Click on Image Thumbnails to view the full- sized images

- NPC names are written in Lime Color
- Mobs/ Raid Bosses are in Yellow
- Towns in Cyan Color
- Hunting Areas are in Orange
- Quest Items in Pink

I apologize for not posting more screen shots but the limit per post is set to 13 images.

comments for improvements are always welcome, do not hesitate to forward them or point out some mistakes..

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Sub Class Quest by Domitor
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