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 Ventrilo !

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PostSubject: Ventrilo !   Tue May 13, 2008 11:29 pm

How to connect Ventrilo v1.01 by JayJay a.k.a ventrilo for newbies ^^

Since my favourite server ( L2Loyal : P ) opened a vent server I connected to it and guess what I saw... only 5 people online?! WT* ?!@ And I decided to make a guide to connect ventrilo...

1. First of all you have to download the client from Here!. Choose the Windows i386 - 32bit one.
Press " I agree " ( must scroll down first ). Its size is about ~2.6 MB.

2. So we have now the install.exe for vent, install it anywhere you want. ( example: C:/Program Files/ )

3. After installing the client, you must do the following things:

- This is the interface of the client:

- Add your name pressing the 1st arrow:

- A new window will show with the following things:

Press the button "New" to add your name and type your name in the empty space:

4. After you wrote your name you can add L2Loyal's ventrilo server into your client.
To add it you must do the following things:

- Press the 2nd arrow to add a server:

- A new window will open and you have to press the button "New" to add a server:

- Write down the name of the server ( in this case L2Loyal ) in the new opened window:

- After you typed the name of the server, you have to write the server's IP, Port and Pass ( L2Loyal's ventrilo doesn't have a password so you can connect to the server without typing a password. ) :

For easy copy/paste:
IP: nether.pure-voice.net
Port: 3352

Press "OK" and you are ready...

5. After you done all those things wrote above, you can connect to the server ( yeha! ). To do this you have to press the button "Connnect"

( I'm adding this pic for blind people LOL )

6. Heya, now you are in, but to speak you have to do the following:

- Press the button "Setup" and a new window will appear:

If you want to use the "Push To Talk mode" ( PTT ) you have to select a hotkey with which you can only speak pressing the selected hotkey ( as you see by me it's the ` ).
If you find it stupid to press a hotkey to speak you can everytime change it. To change it press the "Use PTT mode" to disable it.

- About the other options - If you find something wrong, you can change it, by me it is fine as it is on default.
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Ventrilo !
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